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The Music Makers

The clean, fresh sound we create is music for the heart, mind, and soul. Deborah the silky soprano and percussionist climaxes the sound with her lead and background vocals while Angelo, the foundation and inspiration of this project, jams on his congas and plays guitar riffs. Our other music makers round out the sound for an unforgettable experience.

Kirk Abernathy

Kirk plays the keyboard and lead guitar. He has created his own style that delights all listeners and attracts them to his contagious energy. For more than 20 years, he’s been playing everything from R&B and reggae to rock, punk, and jazz. Some of his influences include Joe Sample, George, Duke, and Carlos Santana. When it comes to our albums, Kirk explains that "I love the positive messages and energy in this project."


Hank Matteo

Meet our drummer, Hank Matteo. This fine drummer plays with ultimate finesse. His breaks are remarkable, and he adds a fantastic flavor to the music which helps to set it apart. He’s played in various bands for more than 20 years, and is able to mold his abilities to fit any musical situation. Hank states that "I appreciate the art of original music as a way for musicians to express their talent, in turn, forming a unity of sound unique in every aspect."


Ron Telfor

This bassist is one of the best, and is always up front to bring the bass full circle. Ron is an extraordinary musician with the ability to get to your soul. He explains that "I've been trying to bring the bass guitar to the foreground for years. Mostly, it's in back or a corner somewhere. I feel I'm a true bass player, one who loves the instrument. I need to be true to myself and music. I don't like being told what to play. I need to express myself!"

Deborah & Angelo Reid

Their music is inspirational!  She is the silky soprano with a surprisingly versatile range that is mesmerizing. He is the impetus! The reason why it all began and why it all continues. They are unbelievable! Their charm and sophistication add undeniable dignity to the music world. They have a flare for the written word which evolves into beautiful music, sharing a profound message. Easy listening for the whole family!

Contact us in Delaware, for more details on the genius behind our inspirational family music.