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Whether it’s a road trip or just relaxing at home, our sensational music is perfect for any occasion. We currently have two albums available, Love World and Love World Connections.

Love World

This CD was written in 1998 to inspire love while providing a political statement. There are 12 songs available that feature Deborah Lomax-Reid on the vocals and Angelo Reid on percussion. Rhythm guitar and background vocals are also prominent. It is currently available for FREE DOWNLOAD!

• "Lost in a Sea of Love" Download

• "Come On Baby" Download

• "Strugglin' People" Download

• "Get Your Head On Straight" Download
• "Living Proof" Download

• "I Got This Man" Download
• "Some People" Download

• "I Live a Good Life" Download
• "People From The Future" Download

• "Keeping Good Girls Good" Download
• "Save Your Money" Download
• "I'm Not Your Enemy" Download

Love World Connection

Enjoy a little peace of mind and reconnect to the world through this inspirational CD. Created in 2001 by a team of music makers with great chemistry, this album has a provocative and magnetic sound that’s unique. This CD is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD!


• "Please Count your Blessings" Download

• "So I Did" Download

• "Joyland" Download

• "Oh Lord, We Need You" Download
• "Give Your Soul To Me" Download

• "Last Chance" Download
• "You Bring Me Joy" Download

• "Parapet Wall" Download
• "It's Only Fair, It's God's World" Download

• "He's There" Download
• "It's Just a Little Bit o' Trouble" Download